The Law of Attraction can provide you with anything that you want in your life. It really is your own “Aladdin’s Lamp” which can fulfil all of your wishes. However many people who have studied the Law of Attraction have not achieved the results that they desired. Often these people will question whether or not the law of attraction actually works. Typically these people have committed one of these three mistakes with the Law of Attraction. These mistakes are easy to avoid so make sure that you don’t make the mistakes so that you can manifest your true desires.

Mistake One: Lack of Clarity

This is a common one and is a big reason why people are not getting the results that they want from the Law of Attraction. Think of the universe like a fast food restaurant. When you place your order you need to know exactly what you want from the menu. If you simply ask for “Whatever your think is good” Then you shouldn’t be surprised if what you get back isn’t entirely to your tastes. The universe can only provide you with things that are as specific as the instructions that you give it. If you want to lose weight for example you need to clearly express how much weight you would like to lose. Do you want to lose fat or do you want to lose muscle? If you start to examine your own request you might realize that you are not completely clear about what you want yourself. Clarify your thoughts and then ask the universe for it. You will find that this is a much more successful strategy.

Mistake Two: No Believing

If you don’t truly believe what you are asking for is going to manifest then you will probably not get it. The most common example of this is the sort of person who asks the universe for $100 million by next. If this person only has $10 in their pocket and has never even tried to start a business before then they probably don’t truly believe that this is possible. It is important to understand that there is no request the universe cannot grant but you must believe yourself that it can come true. If you don’t believe it yourself then part of your mind is telling the universe that you want this why the other part is focused on not being able to have it. This will weaken your powers of conscious creation. You need to align your true beliefs with what you are asking for.

Mistake Three: Focusing on What You Don’t Have

Some people are far too focused on their great future than on their already excellent presence. Start your focus with what you are grateful for that you already have. If for example you want to lose weight is to be grateful for the weight that you have already lost. When you mind is only focused on the future you are demonstrating to the universe that you are in lack. Obviously something that you desire for your future is something that you don’t already possess. Change your focus and you will find that the results your are achieving will improve.

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